On Monday night, at a pumpkin carving contest, guitarist Michael Bokosky carved up the H.A. Perkins logo, complete with sunglasses and a snake, to win the Grand Prize.

Armed with only a kitchen knife, Mike spent a half hour creating the winning design.

San Diego transplants Karen (Buffalo) and Matteo (New Jersey) […]

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We finally finished tracking on the entire Celebration EP. We had some awesome sessions with Alex Dausch at the controls. He really captured the unique sound we were going for. The Queen Divas of the Universe added some great backup vocals as a nice finishing touch. Now it’s on to mixing followed by mastering and […]

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JVN and SV Poseidon Hamburg

On October 10, 2011 By

The H.A. Perkins crew is heading international, as one of our best friends and biggest supporters has accepted a contract to play professional water polo in Hamburg, Germany.

Jordan Van Norman will live in Hamburg and play for SV Poseidon. Das is right!

JVN is a San Diego native, a fellow musician and […]

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The H.A. Perkins crew is delighted to feature some lovely background vocals from Laurie Beebe Lewis (formerly of The Mamas and Papas) and Shaaron Hancock Schuemaker.

Laurie and Shaaron, along with Roni Lee, make up the band the Queen Divas Of The Universe! You can hear the Queen Divas here: Continue Reading

Social Media Launch…

On September 15, 2011 By

Our social media sites are finally launched and ready for some action!!!

Take a second to:

-“like” our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/HAPerkinsMusic

-“follow” us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HAPerkinsMusic

-“subscribe” to our youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/HAPerkinsMusic

Check out all of our […]

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Mike finished all the guitar tracking and it’s gonna blow your socks off.

David Gilmore himself would be jealous of the tones we got on the guitar for “Roovy”, and the solos on “Ghosts In My Head” are lush and dangerous.

On to the vocals next. Time for Spence to kill it!

H.A. Perkins

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New Video Upload #3

On August 30, 2011 By

We uploaded a new video to our YouTube page.

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New Video Upload #2

On August 25, 2011 By

We uploaded a new video to our YouTube page.

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New Video Upload #1

On August 23, 2011 By

We uploaded a new video to our YouTube page.

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Brian finished laying down the bass, and we jumped right in with Michael on the guitars.

Just finished tracking the tasty guitar licks of “Shuffle The Cube” and “Lady Limbo.” We’re getting some slick tones on the old guitar, and as always, Mr. Bokosky’s playing is top shelf.

The way it’s coming together leaves no […]

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The bass is done for three of the five songs on Celebration.

Brian finished “Shuffle The Cube”, “Ghosts In My Head”, and “Lady Limbo” earlier this week. He still has to finish “Grand” and “Roovy” and the rythym section will be complete!

Wait ’til you hear the “airplane taking off” sound that he created for […]

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For Celebration we’re going for a refined, raw dynamic, which means we are recording everything live, feeding off each other for timing and energy.

We’ve finished tracking all the drums and scratch parts. Our engineer, Alex Dausch, killed it on the drums! The songs are really starting to fill the shoes we had always hoped […]

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We finally decided where we’re gonna record our debut EP, Celebration!!!

We’re gonna record at the Studio Studios in Golden Hill (San Diego, CA) with sound engineer and co-producer, Alex Dausch. Alex is originally from New Orleans, LA, and went to high school and college in Ohio. He’s been living in San Diego […]

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